Friday, February 22, 2019

Doing Better...

                         My good Friend dropped by... even took me to Wal-Mart !!

                add to other pieces... cool "Lab Equipment"... lifted our spirits...
Even got some (Barbie) 1/6th scale lab equipment !!! (Will put with my Fly figure display !

                                     "accessories" are cool to have to go with figures!!

got several of these for my "Bank-Robber" Joker (which we had to build.... using Only "Hot Toys" parts) even got a "clown goon"


  1. off to Spore... to work my Captain up top top level... (Diplomat abilities when done)

  2. Those are some cool accessories for your figures! I always love getting stuff like this.

    1. Good Sir....
      will be posting more pics of my toys in the next few months
      (Have to re-package my Collection)