Sunday, August 12, 2018

May Post Later

A "RUDE" Canadian really PISSED us off... Thought well of the Fat Bastard...!!! ... shows we are a very poor judge of Character... and He is a Self-centered arrogant Prick !!!!
                       he removed the faceBook post where He told me to "FV<K Off"....

Found we had started a Renfield post the other day... so... just used this post instead of making one... wishing you and yours a Pleasant Day
Used to imitate his wonderful Laugh as a small kid... sometimes "Freaked" out Adults that way... LOL....


  1. Way too much "negativity" in such a short amount of Time...

  2. Was Wrong Statement Not "Retracted"...A$$ Hole

  3. The problem with communicating via keyboard is that you can never judge tone.

    That's why I use infantile emoticons much of the time to emphasise the lightness of tone/sarcasm/etc that I'm sounding out in my head as I type.

    1. he was outrageous claim (Facts did not matter when told of a few Facts... (that disputed HIS statements ans Rants)... The only this we did "Wrong"... Always tried to be polite and respectful of his "views" ...we thought it more of a "friendly debate".. would quote facts and stats to dispute or to point something of out... We had thought Very well of him for many years... Was concerned over him for his words and actions (for last few months)
      ... not sure What to do, good Sir... guess it is my fault... things usually are... this weekend decided our next course of action... the Mental Health here has said that they can do nothing for Stacey... (at least we asked for help) will make calls to day and pick the paper work up tomorrow when go to see another doctor...
      Nerves been bad for years... so seldom even try to draw... We drew a small portrait of Cal (looks much better than we expected... would sending him image along with apology be of any help in this matter....?