Friday, June 22, 2018

Trying Desperatly to obtain "Collectable"...

                              Well, "part" of one... The Outfit for a new Figure...!!!!
All pieces of "its" clothing...!!! (They want $40 for just the Shoes)
and great articulation if its body (that we have to use...) Some "Ninja" Character. (From rare figure)
                                            $80.oo right now on -Bay...

                                   Well see about (Both) head Sunday night...
Main Head has his normal "Smile"... (Both well sculpted) Will have to work on matching "neck-joint" for the heads to attach to Figure.... (Done that before)... a Custom Penny Wise !!!!!!!
                            the other custom head (with rooted hair) has his "Smile".....
Already have a "slim" body (white, and nicely made for a more expensive action figure from Asia)
                 And will have a 1/6th scale Pennywise (2017) for my Collection...!!!
Do Not want to miss out on this one !!! ( would really cheer Stacey up to add this wonderful Monster to my collection of "special' 12 inch Action Figures.... Now if we still had the desire to "play" with my Toys... (all we do is alter positioning and maybe "pose" of them)...


  1. Got IT....!!!! (may not arrive till early August)... Last one available... "Sold Out"....!!!!

    1. Thank you good Sir... Should have all parts by rarly August !!