Friday, June 29, 2018

Just got Permission to use "Template" (by its original creator)

             ... Spent a few days (and Many "Beta-Test" plays) before posting this Adventure)
A "Quest" type Adventure.... (20 Tasks)... different from my usual Adventures... Not ever having been much of a "Gamer" (Nintendo PlayStation, and others)... had little idea of "how to make a "Game" (Know a Lot on D&D)...
                                             (even added an "interior" to the Tower)
My Friend tried to explain "game-play"  in "Zelda"... this is our "attempt" (7 "Acts"!!) many tasks... and having to (somewhat "pointlessly") run back and forth across many parts of "Game-World"...
(Two creatures made "Most Popular New" but were hit by a down-rating Troll again)... currently just Three of my "Humans" on that List
Even left out the "gory-bits" (the creator finds them rather "disturbing"... so leaving the mangled remains (using only Skeletons Only) from game...

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