Friday, February 16, 2018


After weeks of trying (and finally "gave-up")... We have the "playable" Tentacled-Eyeball character for my Sims !!!
We installed a duplicate of my "Stacey' Sims (due to his high skill points)... and had my newly created Alien drain All of this Stacey's Skills... (Now a very "talented" character....) ... ( we later deleted this version of Stacey from Game...
 Now to try to re-make its "Lab" (for the study of Humans).... using the "limited" things available to me in the version of my Sims2.
 We are cheerful that we just got this "most wanted" Character "skin" for my Sims "game-world"...!!!! Will have to wait till later to actually "play" it in my game rather late now.

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