Wednesday, June 8, 2016

We Sarted to make a Rather Unplesaant Post...

Very"Low" number of views.. (And we thought that we had made a couple of "enjoyable Posts...)

We tried and spending a Long time trying to find the right collection of images for Posting... Guess the We "Chose Poorly"...sorry about that... So as Not To "Bore" you good Viewers we will Post much less Often from now on... We will try to make our posts something "Interesting" to "Viewers"... Sorry we seem to have failed to do so on Most posts... Fewer posts to follow...In near future... Why even "TRY"...???!!


  1. I think viewers on Blogs are falling away its not your content just the current trend.

  2. Thank you good Anthea... We are just so tired of trying and apparently "Failing"..