Thursday, June 9, 2016

Never a Dull Moment....

There came an awful "commotion" from across the street... kids running in fear and screaming...
                So I rushed out to see... was told by the kid ,"There's a Snake in our house !!"...
we asked permission to enter... (a black family) a couple of them on the kitchen counters an another standing in chair screaming....

           Located it... was not the small one told to me but a black snake (about 2 foot long)....!!!
Had them get me a (cheaply made) broom to block it from escaping... while "distracted" by broom (and after several failed attempts) we caught the Snake behind it head... unfortunately ... we did not grab close enough to its head... it twisted its mouth around and dug into my hand... and went to Chewing (Hard)...

Ask one them to get me something small to pry its mouth out of my hand (By now the snake was wrapped tightly around the broom ..I blocked it from using my arm instead...) The kid brings a potato knife... as he get close ... he smacks the thing in the head with its handle several times and further "pisses-off" the Snake (Who starts biting and gnawing much harder)... and then runs back away...
                                                   the bleed quickly ceased... still hurts...
Finally get it outside and let it go ( it did Not want to release my hand... ... then came the medics...three of them.... a bit of "excitement...!!
                           Last thing that I expected was to be attacked by a Snake !!!


  1. You, sir, are an honest to goodness hero. Well done for stepping up and 'saving' your neighbours from this beast.

    Hope the bite pain goes away soon - but it makes a great anecdote!

    1. Just learned that a Friend" (with whom we argued with last night) sent a "curse" of Two Snakes after me... luckily only encountered only One ..
      ... Not "happy" to learn of this.

    2. And the "off-handed" way in which he told me earlier... Not "happy" about this...
      Not sure how to "deal" with This....

  2. Not nice. I am glad it was not poisonous.

  3. Holy cow dude!!!! You rock I would have been the one running away. I hate snakes!

    1. It was to protect the neighbor kids.
      Damned chewed on my hand for several minutes !!

  4. We too are scared of serpents... .. was starring at the Thing in sheer Horror as it chewed upon my hand !!!