Monday, January 12, 2015

Hello Again....

                                 This is what a "Vampire" should look like....

                                 The Evil Vampire of my childhood nightmares

                                       We leave you with this 1922 Classic ... Enjoy...!!!



  1. Hmm - he's not much of a lady killer. I thought vampires were supposed to be irresistible hunks from the continent that intimidated all the British men because the ladies liked them better.

  2. We have always liked this design of Vampire (as in TV's Salems Lot)
    We cannot stand the "sparkling" vampire "teen idols" of "Twilight".... Sorry

    1. Nooo. We have a miscommunication. I can't stand twilight either - it is complete shit. The original Dracula by Bram Stoker from 1897 novel was written in response to the insecurities of the British Empire. Dracula is a European hunk whose effect on women is to get them to behave like tramps. Victorian British men were very insecure. Nosferatu was created when the movie maker could not get Stoker's widow to sign over the rights to Dracula, hence the name and image change.

    2. Twilight and its pathetic adult version "50 shades of gray" will always in my opinion, be incredibly poorly written, boring crap......I've tried reading both and could not get past page 90 without vomiting in my mouth a little.