Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Want to See Something Really Scary.......???

We were just looking over the Great post at "After Midnight, Behind the Closet Door".....
Go and view his post for more Real Scary "You Tube" clips... of Ghosts....!!!!

              This is one that was not included though... "Found Footage" From Emerson......
                         Were you thinking about a nice stroll through the woods Kiddies...???


  1. I wish I lived near woods!!!! I would love to see a tree one day.

  2. I grew up in Vermont, which is the same as growing up in the woods. They were magical and full of hidden surprises. Now I live in Pennsylvania. These woods will kill you.

  3. I am surrounded by Trees all to the North East And West ... And on the south side of town is nothing but Woods ... ( and more than a few abandoned gold mines as well... most have completely caved in )
    With the Store Road is said to have a "Beastie".... About 4 foot tall,... Glowing Red eyes and nasty claws ... saw some cars with "claw marks" and listened to their tales of the Attack... Very deep dark pine barrens.... Many a deer for it to feed upon...