Sunday, April 21, 2013

Speaking of "Paper-Crafts"... The very Best Web-Site out There For these Projects is "Papermau"...!!!

At this Great Site from Brazil... You will find So Very Many "Projects" for you to download and print for yourself ... (including many "full Scale" paper projects as well...!!! )
                                         Many things can be found in their archives...!!!

Adjust to your desired size...

          Ranging from "simple" projects Like this "Mummy" ( To go with our "U" is for "Undead")
                                               As well as "Expert" Projects  Like this great Helicopter model...!!!

                                          See how "detailed" this one is rendered...???
                     To Much more advanced modeling projects... just choose what suits you best.....
We have decided that this Wonderful Web-Site deserves a "Liebster Award"  For giving viewers a truly "Outstanding Blog"...   Please stop by and check out this Great Paper-Project Site... for Hours of Fun.
          We will post more on "Papermau" and this Award later this Evening... Later Kiddies...


  1. Look forward to more posts on this Great Blog and its wonderful paper-projects...

  2. No words, Dr. Theda...just thank you!!!

    Greetings from Brazil!


  3. My pleasure good Sir ...You Have so Many Wonderful "Paper-Projects" there.... ' And Thank You Good Sir for Sharing these great things... Great with those of us with very "limited Budget"...!!!