Monday, January 23, 2012

Organizing the Crypt

Been going back through my posts and ( with my computer back up and now running on Windows XP... I can see what my post looks like ... many of the pictures that it had said "Did Not Post"... were indeed posted ...thus duplicates  and a mess that we have been trying to make look "right" and not a disorganized mess)
 Now back fixed to Halloween  ..... I will check more past posts later... 
Later Kiddies....


  1. Thank you Dr. Theda!
    I am happy i found your blog and look forward to look around and enjoy your past and upcoming posts :)
    Oh and of course i wish you a...
    "Happy organizing the crypt"


  2. We have spent a couple of days and after over 550 post (many of which had to be "fixed").... Thank you for your kind words Lady Rohmy