Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Just Threw My Chair Out Into the Yard

                                                          Roaches ......!!!!!
 Crawling out from the chair that friends had just brought to me the other day ....( Do Not think it was here long enough for them to have spread .... Will "Bug Bomb" the Living Room and Kitchen tomorrow )
 they would not really be able to settle in anyway .... the cave crickets would have eaten them before they could establish themselves in my home....
 So for the next while he was raising hell at the chair... I finally had to move it to the garbage cans by the road before he would settle down and get out of the cold winds....( Gusts of up to 40mph ) 
Now 2:45am Here....
                               And we are off to a great start for this Friday the 13th......!!!!


  1. Happy Friday the 13th. Hope it's a lucky for you. Sorry about the chair.

    Your friend, Lady Moss

  2. Eek. That's not fun! I hope you got every last one out. I can't stand roaches!