Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Still Here

Mr. Walrath still posting wonderful images (@ FaceBook) which have helped to lift our spirits from time to time.... but, all in all, not doing very well... Last week (and doctor visit yesterday) have really taken their "toll" on Stacey... More about this "doctor" later)
                                        even more "troubles" over these last few days...
On a brighter note.... my good Friend took us to see the new film !!! (IT Chapter 2).... first time at a movie theater in Many years... (brightness from watching the screen, probably even blinked much less while watching,....  eyes burned for hours as if had been working around welders)... but really enjoyed going out to actually see this film....
Was not enough of the Clown... and Too much time spent on "Character Development"... otherwise a very enjoyable film !!
  Had tried so very hard to obtain a 12 inch (1/6th scale) Pennywise figure (Hot Toys version)
a Lot of Trouble to do so ... but quickly got together the over $200 to buy one... (none available of this "sold out" figure") this had us very miserable for the next couple of weeks.. (we had "tried" so hard...) first of last week found out that a company called "ACME Toys" makes a 1/6th one...(looked rather "poorly")   they were a bit over $100 each... by Friday only two listed ($189 & $199 "plus postage")... then  found  the wonderful "custom" Doll-Maker !!! and having a custom Pennywise crafted for us !!... chose the "Sharp Tooth Smile" head...
                           This "Smile looks a Lot like  this one (from the New Movie !!!)
                                        so at least "something for us to Smile about...


  1. Would you believe I still need to watch the first one? It's on my list for October. Sounds like you had fun getting out and that is GOOD! Have a good day Doc.

    1. Hello, good Sir
      hope that you and yours are well

  2. the maker canceled out this figure