Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween !!!

                     Many images still missing from Blog... Not "happy" with Google...
    the One (most important day of the year for this blog) Day we need to be able to post...

                         Wishing All (but Folks at Google) .... Happy Halloween


  1. Happy Halloween! Hope you have a frightful night ;-)

    PS. Just trawled back through your blog and I can see all the pictures on he entries I looked at. Sounds like it might be an issue with your Internet rather than anything more sinister.

    1. it happened to Many Bloggers...
      Google sees to have it mostly fixed now....
      Happy Halloween good Sir

    2. Oh, well, that's good news. Wouldn't want The Crypt offline on a night such as this ;-)

    3. We had a wonderful night... did very little... but it really lifted our spirits !!