Friday, May 18, 2018

Received a Special Birthday Greeting !!!

                this helped to make this (so far not so "great")  Birthday Weekend "Special" !!!
          The Actress who portrayed Quentin's "mad" wife Jenny wished Stacey a happy Birthday
       (at FaceBook) !!! coming from her this means a Lot to us... Bless you dear Lady !
                                         Birthday wishes to Lady Wallace for Today is Hers...


  1. Oh, that's fabulous! "Dark Shadows" was such a wonderful show. When I was a teenager in the 1970s, I read all the "tie-in" novelizations based on the show too -- I loved it!

    Have a wonderful birthday -- I hope you get cake!

    1. We have my Brother is saying he has me one for tomorrow... and my Friend just brought a Oreo / cream cake !! (looks delicious)
      We are still "overwhelmed" by receiving a Birthday wishes from Her !!! (and another Friend dropped by bearing Beer !!)...
      Evening's looking good...!!

    2. Happy Birthday Stacey...!!!