Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Gaming Stats...

                     A treat for RPG gamers... the (Dungeons and Dragons) Creature Stats...

               Originally published in the long out of print "Deities and Demi-Gods" monster manual...
                           Add a bit of "other worldly" horror to your Game campaign...!!!


  1. Ahh, I have such fond memories of these stats; still have an original Deities & Demigods with these gods and monsters in. Not sure if I ever used them directly though, just for inspiration ;-)

    1. My copy is a rather sad tale of human "Greed"... ran out of gas and had a flat tire at the same time in rush hour traffic in Charlotte... right near "Heroes" comic shop (back when it was on Central ave.)... they would only give us $5.oo for my copy... (Few days later they had it for sale for $47,00 !!!)