Monday, December 12, 2016

Hope to feel better later...

                     Well we will be leaving in a few hours (to take Stacey to his doctor)...
Chest pains are rather Bad.... (that is why we are up now ... after the onset of this bout of pain we were unable to fall back asleep...)

That and the very shallow breathing... (when it even allows breathing)... often just  frantically gasping for needed air... lying in the floor gasping as excess  amounts of mucus is expelled (partily clearing air-ways to allow  for a bit of intake)... Don't that sound like a "Fun and Exciting" way to start your day (almost Every day) ???


  1. Take care. Hope you're feeling a bit better soon.

  2. Thank you ride is in route..
    was running a bit of my Daleks (in Spore...) exterminated 5Civilizations... did not take very long and worked my new "Dr. Theda up to 8th level...