Friday, November 4, 2016

We Currently have Two Creations...

two of my Captains (that we played this last week) are on the "List" of Most Popular New Creations... One on page 1 and the other at page two...
                 This is one of the Captains... the other is a version of the Creeping Terror.
                            So we have Two Featured creations at
And we were able to get some sleep... just awoke abit ago.... sipping on first cup of Coffee as well...
It is good to  wake and actually feel "rested"... We will post more later... Things to do for now.


  1. There's nothing in the world that makes you feel better than to get a good nights sleep...glad you got one.

  2. oh and congrats on having those listed @ Spore....quite a feat, I would think...

    1. We often get listed... we make "different" creations than most other Spore creators... (and been told that we make "very realistic" mangled remains...)
      Right now playing a Captain (and Leader of one of my Empires) to reach 10th level .
      Hope that all is well...