Saturday, August 20, 2016

Not a Nice Start to Our day..

                                      Well, morning already off to a poor start....

the "bug bite" that I awoke with yesterday... seems to have been much worse than we thought... right between my index and middle fingers.. did not really "itch" yesterday... (so not mosquito bite)...
we awake today and it is a open and oozing wound... "Necrotic venom"... most likely a brown recluse.. (have not been bitten by one in almost two years...)


  1. It hurts a bit and keeps getting a bit "sticky between base of fingers... it will heal..

  2. Well There have been no visitors today....
    My Friend had said that he would be in town and come by to hang out... he may still...

  3. Glurk! I hate bitey spiders! Gremlins, werewolves, 15 headed Hydra beasts...I'm sure I'd be able to deal with all of those just fine! But spiders....*shudders*