Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Well Happy St. Patrick's Day...

                                    we have not been keeping up with my days lately...
                                      having a bit of breathing problems today..
and one of my "inhalers" is empty.... want to make o pot of coffee... but, more than a bit "light-headed".... so will just sit till my breathing stabilizes.... breathing issues are a bit worse today...
                      had to lay back down for a bit ... Breathing much improved.... 
and my coffee is finally brewing....  could not do very much earlier...  could not even stand without risking a fall.... I really Hate mornings like that ... our health issues bother us much more of a morning...sometimes Really Badly, like today... nothing that I can do but to just Endure....

                          This was to be a post to wish you all Happy St. Patrick's


  1. Take it easy and have a good St Pat's!

  2. Ha! Great pics. Love the second one the best. Rows of lots of thin razor sharp teeth are always the scariest.

  3. sorry to hear about your health issues, my good friend.
    hope tomorrow is a better day for you.