Friday, December 28, 2012

Fearsome Fish...

            The recently discovered "Goblin Shark" is a rather  "scary-looking" sea creature...
                                           Here is a live specimen on display in Asia...


  1. Why does everything that lives in that freakin' ocean have to be so horrific? I swear nothing good comes out of the ocean. Why can't ONE creature be soft and fluffy?

  2. The "soft Fluffy" things ( like Jellyfish) are often very dangerous critters...

  3. I love weird sea creatures, this one is a favourite.
    They're either shockingly big or just bizarre looking.
    You should check out Megamouth, Frilled and Sleeper sharks too.

    And Kal, there is something called a deep sea pig, but if that fits the soft and fluffy tag is a whole other story... ;)