Saturday, October 20, 2012

Almost Forgot to Make a "Halloween" Post....

                             Looks a Bit like "the Doctor",....... Almost Halloween Kiddies
                                     well back to try to correct my Sims game..... Later Kiddies


  1. It does look a bit like the Doc. Funny song too. :)

  2. Sims2.... !!!!.. About to get mine "Working"... Wish me "Luck"

  3. I tried to post this on the Negro Head Creek thread on the Marshville Forum, and it didn't post! This is the first time that has ever happened to me. Here is my post in case it doesn't show up there:

    "I found the place on Google Earth. It does look like an eerie place, including a strange clearing in the woods. Unfortunately Google Earth doesn't show the names of rivers unless you do a direct search. Searching for Negro Head Creek turned up nothing, so there is that.

    But the really freaky thing is the bridge by Bachelors Knob Road looks like it has collapsed and split in two! Look for yourself, copy then paste this location into Google Earth:

    35° 5'52.17"N 80°23'0.26"W

    I would stay away from the bridge on Highway 205 if I lived down there!"

  4. Worst I ever found of this legend were the screams in the woods just after midnight.... I have summoned a demon or two down there.... the last on came tearing through the trees after us... My friend was terrified ... I could not help but to laugh.... the next day him and another friend went back and saw the freshly "snapped in half" trees... That was the last time someone asked me to summon one up for them.... as I have said ...I studied Ancient Demonology for many years...

  5. I wouldn't want that either. lol! Did you get a chance to look at the collapsed bridge? Freaky stuff.