Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Green Slime....

I have found a species of "Slime Mold" that is "Green"... ( Slime mold has Fungus and "Animal" cells and contains No "chlorophyll",,,, Thus there is no "green Slime" mold... My fridge has died and is producing "molds" of its own...( The Freezer" still Works.... This would make a great "breeding - Ground" for this specimen...)... I have studied Slime molds Lichens and Fungi since early childhood..... (nothing much to do in a small town...)
Thanks to "Voodoo Girl"....
 My Mom threw out my "specimens" when I was arrested for "Bank Robbery"  .... They killed two of our older trees.....
A perfect First "experiment" .... I am Dying and I will Spend more time covering my knowledge..... What Do you Good Folk think of a "New Blog" devoted to Demonology ...And " the Black Arts".... I have extensive knowledge on these topics.... and when I pass on all of this accumulated knowledge ...Will Be LOST.... Should I start another blog on this Topic...??? I will have to find someone to Type it all for Me.... We will Call It " The Book Of the Black Earth"... ( Lovecraft inspired) there are "things" that you Need to Know to Protect Thyself....)
The Old Ones Are coming ,,,and as the ancient texts state ( even pre-Flood versions) that in the time of the "Rapture" ..."The Dead shall rise up and Eat the Living....)
One of the monsters of my early childhood Monster memories... ( It was years later that Finally got to see this "Cult Classic".....)
 What do you think kiddies,,, Should I begin "breeding" these "interesting" life-forms" along with Black Widows  (Something I have done since early childhood ...Though not much in Years,,,,) Should I Breed Monsters in my Final Years of "Healthy" existence.... Black Widows (Female) are a stationary Predator   And the egg sacks take about 40 days to hatch....( Then is when they "Spread"....)
 Hey they are the Best predator for Roaches.... ( Just remember th "harvest" their egg-sacks....)
                                                    My new "Green Slime " in my "Spore" Game

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